I first came to see Taneca a few years ago after having right knee surgery. I was very skeptical about being able to do anything close to my prior activity level much less walk or run again but Taneca had different thoughts. She listened, she seemed to understand my struggles as best as she could and she tried to help me understand what she was doing and why. She was knowledgeable, she took time to explain, and she showed concern always encouraging or offering reassurance. Don’t get me wrong it was difficult and she was stern; she pushes you but you realize that she does it only because she wants you to get better and see results. I found her to be realistic and down to earth. I found her methods to be “creative” because some of those exercises and treatments I wondered if I could do if I wasn’t injured but she makes you feel comfortable, sometimes joining in and doing the exercises with you just for extra motivation and a little push. She gets you to where you need to be and sets you up on the right path to continue your progression. Needless to say I achieved my goal which is why when I unfortunately re-injured the same knee, having to receive another round of surgery finding myself needing rehab once again with even more skepticism, I had no question as to who I was going to for help. I recovered from that second round too and now I see Taneca for some infrequent pain management/re-assurance on the knee if I tweak it, just to keep me going. I am appreciative of her services and I am grateful for her being accessible even after my therapy was completed. I highly recommend Mrs. Ward.