Accelerated Rehabilitative Care (ARC)

When you are hurting, we are here to provide the compassion that you need and the quality service you deserve.

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What is Accelerated Rehabilitative Care (ARC)

ARC is a unique, client-centered, natural healthcare approach to pain, injuries and long term conditions with focus on prevention, maintenance and the promotion of healthy lifestyles, healthy behaviors and healthy self-care.

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Stage 1.

The first stage is to return you to the highest quality of life possible.

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Stage 2.

The second stage, helps to keep you that way.

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Our Mission

To heal, To improve, To transform, To provide compassion, love, & To serve.

Accelerated Rehabilitative Care is dedicated to providing all our clients including those with long-term conditions (e.g Lymphedema and chronic pain), a suitable and comprehensive treatment program. ARC offers a natural assisted healing process for various acute and/or chronic issues.


ARC is here to provide alternative evidence-based, and experience based natural pain removing, stress relieving, health improving services to the Grand Bahama community, the neighboring Bahamian Islands, and to our international visitors as we collaborate with other healthcare organizations and industry professionals to deliver these services productively and expertly.

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Our Purpose

To facilitate your bodies own natural healing process utilizing the most effective and efficient natural treatments to date for prevention, maintenance, and promotion of healthy lifestyles, healthy behaviors, and healthy self-care.

What we do

Who is Taneca?

With a background as a Physical Fitness instructor, Board Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and a registered Physical Therapist Assistant since 2007, Taneca is passionate about the body and its natural healing capabilities.

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