Kendal “KCX” C

You know I am here in Miami Florida right now doing a follow up but as I sat here and thought to myself, I never knew if you knew how much I appreciated you and I still do. When everybody gave up on me you didn’t! They said I would never walk again, and I trusted you and you handled me with kid gloves and now (walking) I have all this life ahead of me. You will always be a part of my memory banks. Taneca (Mrs. Ward) you don’t know how much you mean to me, and I just wanted to send this because you may have a customer who may need to see the testimony of somebody that really, truly trusted you with their lives. I can remember trying to get up for the very first time and you were right there handling me so gently. This coming from a person who had not walked in over a year and who was promised never to walk again, and you still took a chance with me. I just want to say thank you so much and may others get to see the light that God has inside of you. Continue to be well, continue to do well, nothing but luv for ya!

🕊in loving memory July 2021🕊