Jody K

It’s a hard thing to hear after you have just endured chemotherapy, a 5 hr surgery, and facing radiation-you have Lymphedema.  A scary finding online said there’s no cure. You feel the swelling and pain but how do you manage with getting back to normal. The answer to my question was therapy and trust me I have done therapy before for another issue and it required lots of exercise and pain. So I delayed contacting anyone to manage my now seemingly lifelong issue. The pain one day was so bad that I had to call for help, and then it happened. I met the wonderful Taneca. My experience was one of amazement. She not only educated me about my condition but she took extra care to help me dispel my past experience with therapy. My treatment, was, believe it or not, a relaxing time for me. Her hands are gifted! The most uncomfortable part was the wrapping afterwards and that’s because I do a lot of typing for a living but I saw results early in my treatment process. I would highly recommend Taneca to anyone who is dealing with Lymphedema. Educated, qualified, amazing bedside manner, caring but firm; that’s Taneca, a true Lymphedema therapist!